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In the message details let us know as much information as possible. How many guests, venue location and date you are requesting. This helps us give you the best price available. 

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Helpful Info
We highly recommend that you provide a single point of contact to assist us in any announcements that need to be made, such as announcing the bridal party or an auction. Please let us know in advance any recorded music you want to provide us with. We are happy to play that over our system.


We require a "stage" or an area cleared of at least 16 feet deep X 20 feet wide. Note: We can typically work with dimensions smaller, but special arrangements will need to be made ahead of time and we will use less equipment (lights, sound system, etc.). 

Electrical Requirements
2 (Two) 120 volt-20 amp breaker circuits (used exclusively by the band) within 20 feet of the stage or one 240 volt/30 to 60 amp breaker circuit (used exclusively by the band) within 50 feet of the stage. This “female” 240 volt circuit should be in a “Dryer” or “Stove” plug format. Note: It is possible for us to use less electrical, but we'll need to know ahead of time so that we can plan and it may require less equipment than our normal setup.

Set Up and Sound Check
Depending on the venue, we can usually have our equipment loaded and setup within 2 hours. Stairs, steps, or anything preventing us from "rolling' our gear into place increases that time. A "sound check" is done when we have set-up complete. We play a few songs to test the acoustics of the room and ensure our sound system is operating at its best. This is done well before any guests arrive. We also have a few crates, boxes, and stuff on wheels, so don't be alarmed, once we are done all these will be stored out of sight. Once we are setup we cannot make any significant changes to our setup area, so make sure you are aware of our spacing needs and carefully plan where we will be located.

Our goal is to make your special day one that all of your guests can enjoy. This means when it is time to play at a low volume (like during the dinner set) we will and when the "party time" starts, we usually turn it up a bit. We are always willing to turn it up (or down) depending on our audience.

The Central Park Band

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